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Hello and welcome! My journey to health and wellness is one with many layers. I grew up eating a SAD (standard American diet) full of sugar, chemicals, and processed foods. I began feeling really uneasy in my skin as early as 7. As I got older, the uncomfortable feelings about my weight transformed into disordered eating and eventually a full blown eating disorder. I struggled for many years hating my body and fearing food. During this time I was also dealing with crippling anxiety and digestive issues.


In 2013 I went to school for holistic nutrition and this opened the door to understanding the body and the roles nutrition plays. I was feeling more ease around food but still struggled with fear around certain foods (particularly fat & carbs) and associating them with weight gain. In 2014 I found out I was going to be a mom and everything shifted for me. I wanted a healthy baby and I wanted to be healthy for my little one. I put my fear aside and let myself eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I felt amazing... even with pregnancy symptoms I felt better than I had in years. After giving birth to my son my body had drastically changed but so did my frame of mind. How could I hate the same body that grew, birthed, and nourished this perfect little human?! My body is amazing and beautiful the way it is.


This new way of thinking sparked a passion for learning everything I could about holistic health to nourish and support this amazing body of mine and to help other women embrace their own journey to optimal health. My goal is to empower and inspire women to love their bodies, eliminate negative feelings around food, and love their journey.